Monday, September 6, 2010

Hot Stuff!

Over the summer the support groups members have found some great ideas!

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen- sells sunscreen by the quart and gallon!

Bottom Line Magazine ( - has some fab health tips.

EMS - Eastern Mountain Sports- has sun protective clothing. For those in CT there is one in Fairfield. For any one in the eastern part of MA I found one in the Pittsfield Mall.

Word of wisdom from Dr. Craft (Rheumatologist at Yale)- Your on a medicine for your Lupus and you're feeling great it more than likely means you've found the right meds at the right dosage. Discuss it with your doc before you start playing with the dose or stopping.

Got any other great tips or remember more than I do from the summer lol- feel free to leave  a comment and I'll post them!

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